Second Table Mountain run for the week!

I took another trip up Table Mountain to make the most of the trails on our trip to Cape Town. With this run it made for three times up the mountain in three days. Trail running doesn't get much better than that!

Dam at the top of the mountain.

Enjoying the sunshine on top.

Unreal beach between Skeleton Gorge and the dam on top.

I love this beach. It's so weird and feels like it doesn't belong, but I stop here every time I'm on the mountain.

My descent on Skeleton Gorge down to Kirstenbosch.


Today I ran with Ryan Sandes. I got to ask a few questions about his races from this year and about his experience at the Atacama Crossing. Along with some great advice I also enjoyed an amazing run along Chapman's peak and met some other keen trail runners from Cape Town.

Hout Bay view from Chapman's Peak.

The 4Deserts champ.

Beautiful view from Chappies.

Keen runners joining the Ryans2Run.

Ryan taking photos for twitter.

Thanks to Vida e Cafe for the free coffee at the end.

Awesome day on Table Mountain

Today I ran up Table Mountain, then down the other side, then along the contour path to Devil's Peak, then back up, and then back down. It was a monster 6 hours in the mountains and I loved every minute of it!

Climbing up from Constantia.

Beautiful dam on top of the mountain.

The wall that holds the dam on the mountain top.

Amazing view over the mountain to the Atlantic.

There is a series of boardwalks and chain ladders to climb on to the Table top.

The easy way up!

View over the harbour and signal hill.

View of Lion's peak from the Devil's Peak contour path.

The contour path was some of the only flat running of the day.

I love Cape Town!

Cerro Pochoco

Today I ran up Cerro Pochoco with the RunningChile team. It was great to run this peak that I'd hiked with V and Fede a few weeks ago. I thought that it was much longer after the hike, but actually it's a short distance with a lot of altitude gain that makes it a fun and tough run. The views of Santiago are spectacular as they are from a different place and greater altitude to my usual view from Cerro Carbon.

Half way up.

Still a lot of work to do from Pochoco-chico.

800m of altitude gain.

It was a great run and fun peak to work up at a hard pace.

Cerro Provincia

I really like the range of mountains around Santiago and I know Cerro Carbon and Cerro Manquehue well, but I'm not that familiar with a lot of other peaks around here. Fortunately my RunningChile team mates Francisco and Alejandro know them really well and are always excited to show me a new peak.

For this run we went just half an hour outside of Santiago to run Cerro Provincia. It's a tough climb with a break in the middle where it's easier to run and roll through a few smaller hills. We reached the summit in a little over two hours and appreciated the unbelievable views of the Andes with many of the summits covered in snow.

Alejandro working the last section to the summit.

Alejandro, Francisco and me.

Summit of Cerro Provincia.

A little after the summit there's a geodesic dome where we stopped for a break and to get out of the wind. It would be a great place to stop overnight and enjoy staying up in the mountains.

Taking a break in the dome.

About to tackle the run back down.

Getting some sunlight on the way back down.