Wednesday weekend

Wednesday is always my favorite run of the working week. When I trained for triathlon we came up with "Wednesday weekend" because that was always a low intensity day and sort of like taking a mid-week break even though there were still two or three training sessions. Now Wednesday weekend is my hill running day and a chance to explore outside the city- almost a mini adventure to keep my running spirits high.

Somehow the dark of late night feels different to the dark of early morning.

Santiago is always beautiful from Cerro Carbon, it doesn't matter which was you look.

I never see any one on the mountain when I do this run, but I feel like I'm at least an intimidating cyclops to the spring hares!


  1. Hi ! I train in the Cerro Carbón too maybe we can train togheter one day...

  2. Running at night is awesome fun, nothing but the sound of you footsteps and your breathing as you explore the darkness. Your running territory looks more fun than mine.

  3. What gear do you use to run at night? I got a petzl rxp leadlight and a led lensor tactical torch that I carry, what do you recommend and what works well for you?

    1. I only use a single headlamp, a Petzl RX, and change the focus and strength of the beam depending on the conditions. If I'm running on snow and it's light, I'll try and run without the headlamp on. In fact, whenever possible I try to run without the lamp on and only use it when the trails are too technical or it's too dark to see enough detail of the running surface and surroundings. I have never tried taking a second light source, like your torch, but I like the idea and think that I'll give it a try.


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