Mountain running in Chillán

This weekend we went to Chillán for our first ski of the season. I was a little surprised when we had almost arrived in the ski resort without seeing any snow and was wondering whether I would be doing any snow running in my winter trail shoes! However, the ski conditions were great, we did some awesome ski runs and it was so warm we even ate lunch outside. Not quite the same as kitting up for an Alaskan run, but a super experience in a different part of the world.

View of the mountains not covered in snow!

I did get out to do some of the best trail running I've done since arriving in Chile. After a great day on the slopes I headed up the highest mountain close to the town for some breath-taking views and awesome snow running. Running on the road and flat trails in the last few months helped me forget how hard it is to run uphill, but after a few hours going uphill that was easily remedied.

Great mountain trail up the Cerro overlooking the town.

I thought the ski town was a great place and I loved staying in a little wooden cabin for a few nights. I can't think of anything I like more than being able to run out the back door, get onto some trails and into some mountains.

Beautiful Termas de Chillan

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