Climbing Tour

This weekend I ran my first trail run in Chile. It was another brilliantly organised race: the trails were well marked and water points were frequent. It was such a contrast to go from the cold, wet and snowy Alaskan trails I love to the completely dry and dusty Chilean ones.

The race was a 7km uphill run in the hills outside of Santiago and proved to be a fantastic challenge. I loved climbing again after a while running in town and on flat smooth roads. The uphill proved tough and was a welcome respite to my normal training routine.

Loving the trails on the way up.

Walking like most of the field at this point in the climb.

Brad and I working from the 5km checkpoint to the top.

The view from the top of the hill. There's a ski resort in the background!

This was another race with Brad and I really enjoyed having his company and getting out on the trails with a friend. We ran well on the initial flat section and worked well together to stay a constant position through the steeper parts of the race. We finished in 01:24:00 and then relished the much faster decent.

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