Quarantine / Lockdown: training that you can do at home

vert.run has prepared a home training plan designed for trail runners. It's available at vert.run.

Podium Runner shared a list of exercises that you can do during daily life in January. These are all things that you can incorporate into your day or do indoors during a lock-down.

A more recent update from PodiumRunner is this article on getting strong at home. There are 13 exercises and thoughtful use of items we all have at home to use as weights.

HIITScience shared a fantastic post that I found very useful. They have a routine that includes jump rope exercises, squat jumps, burpees, press-ups, and a combination of these different exercises. The post is informative and helpful because they explain the de-training process and how to best minimize the reduction in fitness over time:

Short sessions of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) appear to be the simplest and most time-efficient way to maintain fitness during those periods of reduced activity (3, 4). HIIT consists of repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise, involving a total of 10-15 min of effort. These exercise bouts are short (from 15s to 3 min) and intense (perceived exertion of 8/10, targeting HR close to or above 90% of maximal HR), and separated by short (15s to 2 min) relief periods.

David Roche shares fantastic articles on the Trail Runner website and has also shared a number of different exercises that I have been using for a while for strength, but they are also perfect for doing inside now:

HMMR Media has been sharing a series of articles on staying fit in a pandemic. This article has some good advice and a great video of a lunge routine that you can do at home. It's useful to see a slight variation on lunges that you can add as another set of exercises for your indoor training.

Here is some more from HMMR Media. It's their compilation of all the articles, podcasts and videos that they prepared and shared in March.

Mario Fraioli put together a series of strength exercises for runners called "The No Excuses Strength-Training Circuit For Runners" in 2016. These exercises are just as useful now and worth adding to your lockdown routine.

Jeff Browning shared a video of his mobility, strength and power progression. It's a good routine with some yoga mobility moves and some running specific training and plyometrics.

Molly Huddle shared her advice on finding things to improve while you're on lockdown. The tone and focus of this article is positive and makes it possible to see that there is a way to make the most of this time. There's also a good section on meditation, mantras and self-talk which are a skills that can always be trained indoors!

Polar shared a set of 5 hip mobility exercises. This is a good set of exercises to make sure that all the additional sitting we're doing while locked up at home is not detrimental to our running form when can finally get out again.

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