More Jura!

I have been running in the Jura more and more frequently. It's become one of my favourite places to run as there are many kilometres of great trails, short and steep climbs and gentle rolling terrain which is good for training. I think it's one of the most beautiful and scenic places I've run and every time I'm there I see something different or notice the changes due to the different seasons.

I hope that sharing these photos can give some impression of what it's like in this magical place.

Heading to Mont Tendre with low cloud obscuring the view of the peak.

The weather is not always perfect, but the mountains are always fun!

Descending from Dent de Vaulion towards Vallorbe and Vallée de Joux.

I can run on trails like this all day.

A happy place.

A section of wider trail close to Vallorbe.

Usually there are 360 degree views from Dent de Vaulion... not on this day.

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