A long run to Mont Tendre

Mont Tendre is the most isolated peak in the canton of Vaud and the highest mountain in Switzerland outside of the Alps. It lies in the Jura Mountains where I like to go running so it made sense for me to try and find my way to the summit.

After a couple of failed trips and a few wrong turns today I finally made it to the summit. In the end it was not that difficult as the route is clearly marked if you can see the markings. The snow had obscured some of the markings at key turns which is why I had gone wrong before.

The view from the summit was fantastic! It was clear and I could see across Lac Léman to the Alps and Mont Blanc and also all the way along the coast of the lake to Lausanne. A great run which I'll definitely be repeating.

My starting point from the tower in Aubonne (middle, top-third of the pic).

Near the top the trails weren't that clear... (there's a sign in the middle of pic).

Enjoying the journey up.

Along the ridge and the summit is not that far.

The summit with Lac Léman and the Alps behind.

An incredible view of the canton, lake and mountains.

My route home - go straight towards Mont Blanc!

A trail run in the Magaliesberg

Last week my brother got married on New Year's Eve in the Magaliesberg. It was a great celebration and a stunning venue. It also meant that I could start 2015 with a trail run in a beautiful place. It was so green and warm in South Africa!

Leaving the lodge and trying to find my way up the climb.

My goal was to climb up to the top of this feature.

In the end the potential paths were blocked by fences and ravines.

Bathed in sunshine - aaahhh!

Don't get lost and dehydrated out here. The vultures are waiting!

Beautiful views down to Hartbeespoort Dam.