Week in review: farms and forests

Quality training sessions

Intervals: 6x[1km @ 4min/km, 200m recovery]

This training session went very well. I felt comfortable and it came five days after my long run in Les Diablerets last Saturday so I was fresh and ready to run a little faster. The pace is now second nature and I can handle 6km of intensity well. I think I'm ready to increase the number of intervals.

Hills intervals : 12 x [200m climb hard; 200m descent recovery]

After struggling with this session two weeks ago, I took the appropriate nutrition this time around and I lasted through all 12 intervals without any issues. I still have a long way to go to develop the strength I need in the mountains and this session is going a long way to getting me there.


I completed the third week of an eight week strength and mobility program and it's working. I feel much stronger and more mobile during my runs and I don't have any niggles or small pains after quality sessions. Coupled with the active isolated flexibility work I've been doing I feel like I'm setting up for great training in the near future.

Equipment used
Salomon Sense Mantra 2, Skechers GoRun Ultra, Nike Terra Kiger 2, Garmin Fenix2, 32Gi (Endure before quality sessions and Recover afterwards)

Garmin Statistics
129bpm (average heart rate)


This week was a taper-out week with the goal being recovery from my long run in Les Diablerets last weekend. There was no long run and a couple of quality sessions later in the week. I wasn't too sore after the 8 hours last Saturday, but on Monday and Tuesday I could feel the soreness in my quadriceps on a couple of easy runs so I took Wednesday off. After that I was back to normal and could resume training towards future goals.

The last three weeks have been interesting. I found some routine the first week and then tapered into and out of a race. Nonetheless I believe I'm making progress and back into a routine and momentum like I've had before my best results in the past. It's a great feeling!

Sheep in the hills outside Aubonne.

A very furry cow!

These are my local trails all around Aubonne and the other villages here.

Happy that my legs are back to normal later in the week.

The view from the Arboretum - that's the Aubonne tower on the horizon.

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