From the Andes to the Amazon - in photos

Getting started in the Cloud Forest at 3,000m altitude.

The first obstacle on stage 1, 12km in.

Rise and shine: time to take on stage 2.

The first section of jungle after the Cloud Forest - hot and humid.

There's water everywhere in the jungle and 70 river crossings in the race.

Wet feet from the start on Stage 3.

It was awesome to run with Xavi for this stage.

The Amazon Jungle!

Stage 4 was deep in the jungle and tough going all day.

More river crossings with Xavi and Tony trying to cool themselves down.

An early start for the 92km stage 5 (which was shortened due to flooding).

Tricky footing after another river crossing,

Beautiful, wet and humid.

I was feeling the distance at the end of stage 5.

Happy at the finish in Pillcopata with Xavi (and Neus).