Frutillar - smooth dirt roads for miles

Approaching the end of our road trip we stopped in the idyllic little town of Frutillar. It borders Lake Llanquihue and a lakeside road runs from Frutillar south towards Puerto Varas and most of the way around the lake. Going north, however, is a simple dirt and gravel road that extends along the lake and through the countryside of farms and cottages.

I did a fantastic run on the gravel road, enjoying the tough footing amongst the larger stones that are similar to some of the terrain I'll be racing on in the Atacama. The road dips and rises as it moves through the hills along the lake edge and makes for fun, fast running.

Miles and miles of road to run on.

Beautiful and calm fields line the road.

Enjoying a rolling climb on the way home.

The lake is almost always visible as a reference point along the way.

The farm homes are unbelievable!

Almost back in town with the Frutillar beach reaching out of the photo.

Frutillar in the morning fog.

V and I would love to go to Frutillar again and I'd be happy to run this countryside road a few more times. It wasn't a tough desert or towering mountain, but provided really steady running and I enjoyed the time on my legs.

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