Team Lafuma - Compressport - 110 Sport and Health

Excellent news: I have joined the Lafuma - Compressport - 110 Sport and Health running team. At the moment this team consists of three runners: Rodrigo Errazuriz, Felipe Contreras and me!

The team had its first outing at The North Face Endurance Challenge where Rodrigo was 3rd in the 50km and Felipe was 26th in the 21km (I was 5th in the 50km, although this was before joining the team).

There are three sponsors for the team:

The ski, mountain and trail running brand from France.  Availability of products in Chile has just started and the brand will be developing significantly in the future. A small selection of products is available at the SportOne store in Mall Sport, but the range will be extended in the future and new stores are planned for March 2013 with a flagship store in Mall Sport.

The veino-muscular compression technology brand from Switzerland. These products are also available in Mall Sport and through internet sales directly from Israel, who is the Compressport representative for Latin America.

110 Sport and Health
This is the first sporting medical centre in Chile with the objective of developing medical sports coaching. In addition to sports coaching the centre offers extensive sports testing and injury rehabilitation.

I will be racing and training with the team as well as sharing information about the products and details of the team's sponsors. There are links on the right of this page to each of the sponsors where you can get more information about each brand.

I am extremely happy to join the team! This will provide the opportunity for me to train and race with excellent products and also be part of a team environment where I will be challenged to perform to the best of my abilities.

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