Running on Easter Island

V and I traveled to Easter Island for a holiday at the end of September. It is a beautiful and calm little island and there's not much more to do there other than see the Moai and other historical sites. The island has one town and the rest is fields and open space which is great for running.

I went on quite a few runs while on holiday.  I went up the famous Rano Kau crater a few times, I did a run to the highest point on the island and I also covered most of the trails on the town side of the island. On the 22nd of September we did an unofficial Rhino Run together to show our support and to spread the word. It was a great break and a good chance to run somewhere warm and tropical as we are just starting spring in Santiago.

Rano Kau crater.

Beautiful trail along the rim of the Rano Kau crater.

On the way to the crater is a cave with Birdman paintings.

There were lots of beautiful sunsets on the island.

V showing a "Stop Rhino Poaching" sign on our Rhino Run.

Team 505 photos on the Rhino Run.

An early morning run with Moai in the background.

From the highest point I could see sea all around the island - spectacular!