Atacama 2013: Running in the family

Fantastic news: my dad and brother have decided to join me and run the 2013 Atacama Crossing! They have both started training and buying gear and should be ready for the race in March next year. My dad has a Green Number from Comrades so he knows what he's doing, while my brother has never run an ultra before. They're planning to run the race together and I'm planning to run faster than I did this year, so hopefully I'll be a little faster than them!

My "big" little brother Brian is now a contributor to the blog.

My brother asked to post some updates about his training. He thinks he can explain his training and journey in layman's terms so it should be interesting reading. He will be posting regular updates on his own tab which you can access from the top of the page just under the header (Running in the family). Brian's first post is already up and describes how he was convinced into a crazy family adventure.

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