Desafio 40/40 - Number 26

Matias is running 40 marathons in 40 days to celebrate his 40th birthday. He started just over three weeks ago and will run the last marathon on his birthday. Everyday he starts at 6am and during the week he runs two circuits of 21km. On the weekend he runs one circuit of 21km and two circuits of 10.5km. The idea is that there are enough smaller loops for anyone to join him for a run. So far he hasn't run one marathon without company along the way!

I joined Matias for 26/40 on Sunday morning. I had a 4hr training run planned, Matias is running each marathon in about 4hrs, and this was a great opportunity to see just how tough the 40 marathons challenge is. V dropped me off for the early start and took all the photos of us running by meeting us along the route.

An early start for marathon #26.

On the first 21km loop and going strong.

Catching up to the group after seeing V!

A few more members of RunningChile joined us for the next loops.

Me and the Marathon Man.

Matias still has a few more weeks to go in the challenge and is always happy for people to join him. V and I are planning to join him for the final weekend and anyone else can run or donate trees for the reforestation of Patagonia.

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