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Welcome to the new domain name for my blog about trail running, where I share my thoughts and ideas on training, races, trail adventures and all the things I learn along the way.

This is the next step to make the blog easier to remember, a little more professional and much easier to share. Please keep reading and share the new name with everyone who wants to learn about trail running and ultra-marathons!

Here are a few small tasks to ensure that you have better access to

  • update the bookmark in your browser with this page
  • update your RSS feed reader with the new name
  • subscribe to the blog by email or RSS (links top right)
  • follow me on twitter (@dwrowland)

For now, here are some past posts in the categories that define this blog.


a trail runner
my last race the Salomon Xtrail 21km
a trail marathon in Chile which I ran last year

training for
awesome playlists from champion runners to fuel your training
enjoying the Santiago mountains with my friends

extreme events
my report from the 250km multi-day Atacama Crossing
my report from the Susitna 100 - race across frozen Alaska

in beautiful places
a snowy day and short video of Cerro Carbon
running in spectacular Chillán

using awesome gear
backpack reviews for multi-stage races, part 1 and part 2
the gear needed for a 7-day race
the gear needed for a 100-mile race in the snow (including a sled!)

and telling great stories
the archives with every post published!

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