Training weekend with RunningChile

After a period of reduced training and two weeks with low running volume due to a persistent cold, I got back into my training with a great weekend of running. There's no better way to keep the motivation up than to train with friends and that's exactly what I did.

On Saturday I went to the RunningChile road session and ran a fast 4km and then a much easier, relaxed 8km while chatting with Matias. He's preparing to run 40 marathons in 40 days and to finish on his 40th birthday. It was great to catch up and learn about his preparations for the challenge. The team had organized a sale of Sural compression gear at amazing discount prices after our run so I also picked up a few pieces of new gear to try out.

Beautiful early morning running path in Vitacura.

Members of the RunningChile team.

Further up the running path at the turnaround.

On Sunday I joined the new RunningChile trail captain, Francisco, and the rest of the team for a run up Cerro Huinganal. It's the first time I've been up this climb and although I ran on some of the trails near this area during the UMA last year they're all new trails for me. It was a fairly easy ascent and then a fantastic rolling descent that winds and curves through a forest and back down to the base. I really enjoyed training with the team which is a group of very motivated people ready to put in a solid winter of training before the K42 Chile and UMA later this year. I tried out my new UltrAspire Revolution pack during this run and I'm looking forward to running with it some more and testing whether or not it is the right pack for my upcoming races.

Captain Francisco explaining the route.

RunningChile team at the summit of Huinganal.

On the descent back to home.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon V and I did a run along the contour path on Cerro Carbon. It was a beautiful afternoon and a fantastic way to end of the weekend.

V and I on the contour of path on Cerro Carbon.

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