Lican Ray to Villarrica - 3rd

Starting in the rain.

First 5km and last 5km were on the roads with trails in between.

Settling into my pace about 3km in.

Feeling really good at this point.

Most of the race was on roads like this with about 5km of perfect trails in the middle.

First stop at the only aid station which was at 40km and then used again at 50km.

About to take 3rd place in sprint to the finish.

Podium Finish in Chile Ultra

I finished 3rd in the Lican Ray to Villarica 70km trail race this weekend. Here's a small article in La Segunda that mentions my result:

Article in La Segunda

Pre-race Lican Ray to Villarrica

The race is tomorrow and we had a full pre-race day to get ready. First up was a "regenerativo" run from the race start through the first 3km followed by a team breakfast.

RunningChile team pre-race run.

RunningChile breakfast.
Next up, we went to check out the route and especially the point were the only aid station would be and where the relay runners would change over.
Route map for the race. (Source:

Stopping at the 40km and 50km aid station point.

Discussing the climb that starts just after this point.

On the race morning before we got started was a compulsory gear check. I think that I did well with a light pack and minimal gear, although the 2l of hydration I had to carry sure added some weight to the pack. Nonetheless, I was looking much lighter and more compact in my gear than a lot of the competitors.

Racers lining up for gear check.

Keeping the required gear to the minimum.