This week on the trails...

This week I'm starting with a photo of myself running in the sun, because we've had amazing weather in Anchorage and I'm slowly starting to take some clothes off to go running! The fringe months are brilliant for running in Alaska. Almost everyday it feels like I'm running on a new trail as the snow melts and more of the old tracks are revealed. It's still very brown, but with all the water out there and the long days we're having it will be green in no time at all.

Beautiful sunny day and I'm not even wearing a beanie!

My running program continued the focus on consistency and I'm very pleased that I got another good week done.  I'm always happy to get out and although I'm running the same trail I'm not feeling any monotony yet!

Here are some more photos from a weekend run showing the changes in the trail conditions:

Cycling path into Campbell Creek slowly melting away with a clear strip of road on the right.
This is where I depart the snow cycling path and head into the trees. Around the bases of the trees the snow is mostly gone and there are pools of water lying in the trail.

A low lying area where the water sits below a thin layer of ice with awkward footing on either side of the ice and water.

Yes, my feet are getting soaked almost every morning! It's a surprise every time I break through the ice and feel the almost frozen water soak through my shoes.

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