Geneva Marathon - Switzerland - 2024 - 32nd

The Geneva Marathon was my first marathon ever and also my first race of the year. I wanted to have a goal to train for over the winter that focused on improving my speed and that I could train for easily on the roads and along the lake. I planned to run a 10km in March which I did in the last few years (2022, 2023), but I was sick that week and had to miss it making this was my first race of the year. Overall, my training went well and I was excited to start the season. You can see my last eight weeks of training here.

On race morning it was warm enough (13C), but wet and a little windy. I started out at my goal race pace for perfect conditions (3:47/km), but realised at just before 10km that it was too hard given the conditions and how much effort I was putting in. I adjusted to next aspect of my race plan of keeping heart rate below an upper limit (155bpm) that I knew was sustainable. This kept me in a group of runners until about 30km. There was some variation between each member of the group with runners pulling ahead or falling behind and returning, but I was happy to hold my effort and use the others to shield from the wind when possible.

From around 30km a few of the runners in the group pushed ahead and I decided to maintain my effort and let them go. I focused on running smoothly and staying positive. I could feel my quads starting to get sore, but it wasn't impacting my pace. The route from 33km to the finish was the best part of the course as it ran along the lake and through the city. I was tired and sore, but managed to focus on holding the best pace I could and slowing down as little as possible. I passed a few runners during this section and no one else passed me so I knew I was not fading too badly.

The finish at the end of the Pont de Mont Blanc was fantastic as there were so many people on the bridge cheering. I also thought the finish was a little further on in the Jardin Anglais so it was a relief to see the finish line so soon. I was very happy with my result and how I managed my race. I felt like I made good decisions during the race and that I got the most out of myself on the day. Nevertheless, I think I can go faster and as soon as my legs top hurting I'll look into what marathons could be next. For now, it's time to focus on swimrun events this summer.

At around 22km.

At about 35km.

Race result

5 May 2024