2017 Calendar

Trail des Cabornis
Details: 40km, 2000m D+
Date: 5 March 2017
Location: Chasselay, France
Result: 3h43, 23rd
Race report: Trail des Cabornis

Trail des Reculees
Details: 46km, 1800m D+
Date: 2 April 2017
Location: Lons-le-saunier, France
Result: 4h17, 19th
Race report: Trail des Reculees

Details: 51km, 2700m D+
Date: 30 April 2017
Location: Voglans, France
Result: DNF
Race report: Nivolet Revard

MaXi XL Race
Details: Day 1 - 42.5km, 2550m D+; Day 2 - 41.5km, 2780m D+
Date: 27 & 28 May 2017
Location: Annecy, France
Race report: MaXi Race XL

Trail de la Pierre A Voir
Details: 33km, 2200m D+
Date: 10 June 2017
Location: Saxon, Valais, Switzerland
Race report: Trail de la Pierre A Voir

Mont Blanc Marathon
Details: 42km, 2730m D+
Date: 25 June 2017
Location: Chamonix, France

Eiger Ultra E101
Details: 101km, 6700m D+
Date: 15 July 2017
Location: Grindelwald, Switzerland

Details: 101km, 6100m D+
Date: 1 September 2017
Location: Courmayeur, Italy

Humani'Trail Les Diablerets
Details: 56km, 3600m D+
Date: 23 September 2017
Location: Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Trail Vallee de Joux
Details: 35km, 1870m D+
Date: 8 October 2017
Location: L'Abbaye, Switzerland

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